Several years ago three best friends jokingly created BDJ, a tongue-in-cheek completely fake swing dance event with no intention of being anything but a bit of fun. There was a photo shoot, a logo, and some excellent turtlenecks. Months later those same friends may have jokingly pitched this fake event to the "right people" who, unbelievably, loved the idea.

Cut to Oct 2018, the first BDJ premiered as a local one day workshop and social dance; basically a great party. The 3 friends were happy and satisfied that their one-off event went well. A success all around.

But then those same "right people" came back wanting to do it again. This time do it bigger, they said, and go all out. In fact 300% bigger, and 300% more all out. They had the science. They had the technology. They had the power.

Thus was born Blue Dome Jivin’ 2019, a dance phoenix rising from fake event ashes. Our committee searched for some of the best instructors in the nation, recruited the most amazing organizers, and secured one of the hottest bands around.

Blue Dome Jivin' is still an inside joke, but we want you to be part of it.